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Meld Rare Sugar Syrup: An Ideal Substitute of Sugar

With the growing health awareness, rare sugar is gaining attention worldwide featuring an impressive array of benefits not found in ordinary sugar. Rare sugars are simple sugars found only in small amounts in nature and come in around 50 varieties. Out of fifty varieties of rare sugars, only D-allulose and D-allose are currently commercially available and are already producing wonderful results. The Japanese Meld healthcare products are proven to be very effective including the rare sugar syrup (RSS) considered as the best sugar substitute in India with additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition. One teaspoon of Meld RSS is equal to one teaspoon of regular sugar in terms of serving size.

Let’s have a look at Meld Rare Sugar Syrup and its details:

Meld rare sugar syrup is a 100% natural sugar syrup that contains rare sugars like D-Allulose and D-Allose that have clinically proven health benefits.

1. Rare Sugars are Monosaccharaides that occurs in very small quantities in nature (i.e.: fruits and vegetables).

2. The technology for processing rare sugars for large-scale production was developed by Professor Izumori of Kagawa University, Japan.

3. Rare sugars can be used in cooking, baking and it is also safe for all foods and drinks at all temperatures.

Rare Sugars included in meld rare sugar syrup:


1. A Rare Sugar has virtually no calorie (0.2 – 0.4 kcal/gram), but has 70% sweetness of Sugar.

2. Allulose shows no effect on blood sugar and may even lower blood sugar in diabetics.

3. Also, it is considered as the best sugar substitute in India and other countries.


1. Also a Rare Sugar, with 80% sweetness of sugar making it an exceptional counterfeit for sucrose and other manmade artificial sweeteners.

2. It has functions of an Antioxidant and Moderates Blood Pressure, which has raised high hopes for the applications of sugar in the medical field.

3. To eliminate sugar needs this rare sugar is used as the best sugar substitute in India and other countries.

Benefits of Meld Rare Sugar Syrup:

1. Helps in weight loss and obesity management.

2. Meld rare sugar syrup prevents atherosclerosis.

3. Prevents cholesterol and fat build-up.

4. No After Taste in food & beverages at any temperature.

5. Supports healthy glucose levels – Helps in the Management of Diabetics.

6. Supports healthy lipid levels.

7. Functional and Patented Sugar Syrup.

8. Low Glycemic Index.

The usefulness and functionality of rare sugars have become evident and their sweet potential will continue to grow.

Sugar is an immortal and essential component of our diet. There is no doubt that sugar has fueled the evolution of human taste. Hence, to eliminate sugar needs, rare sugar syrup is essential in creating a world that can still enjoy the taste of sugar without negatively impacting health.

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