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A healthful eating style is to choose healthy components for our food, and one of the immortal and unavoidable components of our food is sugar. Sugar itself is not problematic but its overconsumption has a severe influence on health. Also, sugar is the primary source of energy and our brain and body require sugar to keep functioning.

So instead of avoiding sugar, we should opt for HEALTHY SUGAR.


Meld Healthcare presents SWEETOSE – A HEALTHY SUGAR 100% Pure Cane sugar infused with natural herbal extracts (like Fenugreek, Turmeric, Black pepper, Dried Ginger, Neem Leaves, Cinnamon, Jamun Seed) that reduce its GI. The GI is a way of 'ranking' carbohydrate foods according to the speed at which they cause our blood glucose levels to rise and fall. High GI foods are more quickly digested and absorbed, tend to raise blood glucose levels quickly. While low GI foods break down slowly, gradually releasing glucose into the bloodstream, which helps in controlling blood glucose levels.

Sweetose Low GI Healthy Sugar 400gm

SKU: Sweetose_400_01
₹299.00 Regular Price
₹239.00Sale Price
    • 100% Natural Cane Sugar enriched with natural herbs.
    • Lowers Blood Glucose Levels, Improves Lipid Levels & Weight Loss.
    • Low Glycemic Index Food - Low GI 43.
    • Rich in Anti-Oxidants. Free from sulfur.
    • Not Just a Diabetic Friendly Sugar, But a Healthy Addition to your Kitchen.
    • Low Glycemic Index food as per International Certification criteria.
    • Low GI foods are recommended for diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight management benefits, and general wellness by leading global medical research organizations.
    • Sweetose Healthy Sugar: Low gi diabetic-friendly cane sugar with natural herbs.
    • Broken Down and absorbed slower. Regulates blood glucose levels.
    • Sustained supply of glucose to the brain, better concentration power, and memory.
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