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Health Benefits of Sweetose

  • Low Glycemic Index cane sugar with herbs
  • Ideal for diabetic and obese individuals
  • Does not contain any artificial sweetener
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • No after taste
  • Sulphur-free
  • No blood sugar spikes
  • Low GI of 43
  • No side effect


Introducing Sweetose - a sugar enriched with special herbal extracts that reduce its Glycemic Index (GI). A result of 10 years of research, it has extraordinary benefits and does not have the bitter after-taste or health risks of artificial sweeteners. Diabetic Friendly Cane Sugar with Natural Herbs. MELD HEALTHY SUGAR IS NOW SWEETOSE.

  • A Healthy Cane Sugar alternative.
  • Does not alter taste of tea, coffee or any food product.
  • Suitable for Diabetics and Weight management goals.
  • Glycemic Index 43, low absorbent sugar.
  • Better than Stevia, No After taste.
  • Perfect for all sweets, Beverages & Baking Needs.
  • It comes in convenient sachets, 200 Gm packaging.

Low Glycemic Index Food as per International certification criteria. Low GI foods are recommended for diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight management benefits and general wellness by leading global medical research organizations.


What is GI & How to control diabetics

Glycemic Index or GI is the ranking of food on a scale of 0 to 100 based on how slowly or quickly they raise blood sugar levels after eating. The ingredients with a ranking of 55 or lower are called Low Glycemic Index foods, medium Glycemic index foods lie between 55 to 70 and foods above 70 are considered high on Glycemic index. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and other leading global medical research organizations have published numerous reports which state that a Low Glycemic Index diet has many benefits. Most good foods for diabetics fall in the Low Glycemic Index range. People can reap the following benefits with Low Glycemic Index foods:
  • iconControl Blood Sugar Level - Low Glycemic index foods do not cause sudden spikes and crashes in normal sugar level for diabetic patients.
  • iconBetter Weight Management - Low GI foods increase satiety or feeling of fullness. Reducing hunger pangs can improve weight management for Type 2 Diabetes.
  • iconLower Lipid Levels - Low Glycemic index foods improve good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).
  • iconReduce Risk of Heart Disease - Low Glycemic index foods improve lipids levels and reduce your risk for heart disease if you have diabetes.
  • iconHow to prevent diabetes - Low Glycemic index foods help reduce the risk of diabetes and prediabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in check. Most good foods for diabetics are low on Glycemic index.
  • iconKeep Metabolic Syndrome at Bay - Low Glycemic index foods control blood pressure, lower abdominal obesity and maintain high blood sugar levels.

Regular sugar is harmful and leads to many metabolic and cardio-vascular issues. Artificial sweeteners also have significant health risks and a bitter chemical-like aftertaste. Luckily, there is a better alternative: SWEETOSE Herbal Sugar, the world’s 1st Low Glycemic Index sugar for diabetics with a Glycemic index score of less than 43! Made with herbs known for controlling diabetes, SWEETOSE diabetic friendly products come to you after more than a decade of rigorous research, clinical trials and encouraging reviews from customers and institutional buyers. Diabetics, pre-diabetics and everyone else can enjoy the sweetness of life without adverse consequences to health.

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