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What is Rare Sugar ?

Rare sugar is a rarely occurring monosaccharide (the simplest form of sugar) in the natural world. With scientific proof that they help control and moderate body sugar absorption and have several benefits including aiding weight loss.

  • A healthy sugar alternative for your daily needs.

  •  A patented product developed by Matsutani chemicals.

  •  No side effect functional sugar substitute from japan.

  •  Reduces absorption of sugar in the body through the bloodstream.

  •  Has no after taste compared to stevia or aspartame.

  •  A Balanced, Functional and wholistic Sugar.


What is Sweetose ?

Sweetose - A sugar enriched with special herbal extracts that reduce its Glycemic Index (GI). A result of 10 years of research, it has extraordinary benefits and does not have the bitter after-taste or health risks of artificial sweeteners. Diabetic Friendly CaneSugar with Natural Herbs.

  •  A Healthy Cane Sugar alternative.

  •  It does not alter the taste of tea or coffee.

  •  Suitable for Diabetics and Weight management goals.

  •  It comes in convenient sachets, 200 Gm packaging.

  •  Glycemic Index 43, low absorbent sugar.

  •  Better than Stevia, No After taste.


What is Alkaline & Hydrogen Water ?

Alkaline & Hydrogen Water is water that is less acidic than regular tap/RO Water. It has been ionized i.e. the pH of water has been increased. Our water has a pH of more than 8.0. Meld - Alkaline & Hydrogen Water can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream & help your body metabolize nutrients more effectively leading to better health & performance. Meld - Alkaline & Hydrogen Water offers natural ingredients like super tourmaline balls, magnesium pallets & calcium carbonate which makes it water with alkaline minerals. It also contains chlorine remover ceramic so this water is free from chlorine, unlike plain water.

  •  Supports the immune system exhibits anti-aging & anti-oxidant properties.

  •  Regulates the body's pH levels.

  •  Hydrates skin & improves skin.

  •  It has good detoxifying properties.

  •  Aids in weight loss.

  •  Improves metabolism.

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