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Allulose Powder

Meld Healthcare presents Natural Allulose Powder

Meld Wellness always introducing first time in India. Allulose is an all-natural sweetener can also be found in jackfruit, kiwi, figs, and raisins. Rich in natural nutrients, antioxidant and low on the glycemic index, Allulose is unique among sweetener because it caramelizes just like sugar! Perfect for cooking, baking, Sauces and glazes. As a new functional sweetener, the healthy low-calorie sweetener can absolutely replace the traditional sweetener in continuous food development.

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Natural Allulose Powder

Allulose is a low-calorie sweetener with the same sweet taste

and texture as table sugar. Allulose is often referred to as a

"rare sugar" due to it's discovery in small quantities in nature.

Allulose is also unique in its nutrient profile - it shares the typical

chemical structure of a carbohydrate, but only contributes a

fraction of the calories and does not raise blood sugar levels.

Whats is Allulose ?

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Taste Like Sugar

Bakes And Freezes Like Sugar

Not Counted As A Sugar

Allulose is a monosaccharide

a simple sugar - so it tastes like sugar.

Allulose behaves, tastes and feels like sugar in foods such as baked goods and ice creams.

According to the U.S. Food and drug Administration(FDA), allulose does not need tobe listed under total sugar or added sugars, altyhough it must be labeled as a carbohydrate since it is technically classified as such.

1/10TH The Calories

Zero GI Sweetener

Starts In Nature

Allulose has approximately one-tenth the amount of calories of regular sugar.

Researchers find allulose has no impact on blood glucose levels. While some allulose is absorbed, it is not metabolized or broke down in the body.

Although it's a rare sugar, allulose is found in small quantities in raisins, figs, maple syrup, jackfruit, caramel, sauce and wheat. It can even be made from corn or other sources, such as fructose.

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