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Sweetose Healthy Sugar 200 Grams Sachets Packing. Sweetose Sugar has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 43, as compared to normal sugar which has a GI of 65 – this makes it a low GI food. There are a lot of benefits associated with low GI foods, such as lowered blood glucose levels, improved lipid levels, and weight loss. Even though Sweetose sugar is not a medication or a replacement for it, it is still diabetic friendly. Regular cane sugar is just rendered herbal and therefore, healthier. That is why it does not leave a bitter aftertaste unlike most other sweeteners for diabetics. It does not have any chemicals, and it is completely safe – as indicated by independent tests. It can be used either by itself or as an ingredient for preparing home-made delicacies of any nature – be it ice-cream or traditional Indian sweets. Sweetose sugar is also rich in anti-oxidants as it is derived from a special herbal formula that extracts the goodness of Jamun seeds, dried ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, neem leaves, black pepper, and cinnamon. It is not just a diabetic-friendly sugar, but a healthy addition to your kitchen that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family.

Sweetose Healthy Sugar Sachets 200gm (40x5gm) Low GI - Sulphur Less

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₹159.00 Regular Price
₹139.00Sale Price
    • Rich in Anti-Oxidants. It maintains your energy levels.
    • Natural Cane Sugar enriched with natural herbs.
    • Perfectly suitable for all beverage, sweet preparation and baking needs
    • Lowers Blood Glucose Levels, Improves Lipid Levels & Weight Loss.
    • Not Just a Diabetic Friendly Sugar, But a Healthy Addition to your Kitchen.
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