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Hydrogen Water : A Miracle Water

What Is Hydrogen Water and How to Make the Most of It?

There's a lot of hullaballoo in the wellness world especially related to hydrogen water. Products related to hydrogen water are becoming increasingly popular and are even used in medicinal treatments in some countries. It controls acidity, improves immunity, and preps up the body to fight diseases effectively. Let's see what hydrogen water is and how you can make the most of it.

What Is Hydrogen Water?

We know that the chemical makeup of water is two parts of hydrogen to one part of oxygen. However, the hydrogen water is created when the extra hydrogen molecules dissolve and get added to the regular drinking water. This helps in forming more antioxidants in the body, thereby improving overall well-being.

What Are the Benefits of Hydrogen Water?

About 60% of our body is made up of water, and we lose a lot of it during the day due to sweating and urination. Hence, it becomes of utmost crucial to drink enough water and keep ourselves hydrated. Besides, staying hydrated has other benefits too. It helps maintain energy levels, aids in the cerebellum's proper functioning, prevent frequent headaches, etc.

It also promotes healthy blood circulation and hence is effective in treating blood pressure-related ailments. It boosts energy and enables the body to be better equipped to fight diseases. What's more? Adding Hydrogen to water improves the anti-inflammatory properties of water and makes it an antioxidant. Hydrogen water improves the nervous system's functioning, therefore resulting in better grasping power and retained memory.

Some studies show that Hydrogen Water improves the quality of life of patients receiving Radiotherapy. Hydrogen Water mitigates oxidative stress markers during Radiotherapy.

How Can You Avail the Benefits of Hydrogen Water?

The options available in the market are either expensive ionization machines or unreliable cheap bottles and sticks.

Here is reliable 100% natural, Made in Japan product available.

You can purchase Alkaline and hydrogen water stick from Meld Healthcare. Meld Alkaline and Hydrogen water stick is specially designed to have all the benefits of hydrogen water. It contains metal magnesium, water-soluble calcium carbonate, specially manufactured tourmaline ceramics, shell fossil, and dechlorinate ceramics.

The attractive part of the Meld Alkaline and Hydrogen water sticks is that it is a portable source of hydrogen enrichment for your drinking water, so you can take it everywhere you go and stay healthy.

All you need to do is to put one stick in a clean one-liter plastic water bottle. Fill the bottle with half water and shake the bottle vigorously. After that, drain the water and refill the bottle with fresh one liter of water. Keep the bottle for 4 to 5 hours, and it is now ready to drink. You can also refill as and when the bottle gets empty without having to wait for 4 hours. Please note that the hydrogen stick comes with a pre-defined life, which is six months. So you have to replace it every six months.

So, if you're planning to inculcate a healthy lifestyle, check out this amazing product by Meld Healthcare.

Healthy and happy life en-route!

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