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Meld Rare Sugar Sweet - A Functional Food

In recent times, functional foods have emerged as a high demand product within health and wellness circles. Let’s understand what is functional foods, their benefits, and available important functional foods.

What is Functional Foods?

In the 1980s, the Japanese Government created a class of “Functional Foods in order to better the well-being of the general population.

Functional Foods, also known as Nutraceuticals, are either conventional or modified foods that claim to have additional functions (mostly related to health benefits) beyond basic nutrition.

Importance of Functional Foods in today’s life.

Be it growth years or after the ’50s, it's important to have a healthy diet because proper nutrition can help you fight a range of conditions including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension in the long run.

Unbalanced diets, highly processed foods, and additives being used in fast foods, hyperactive routines have become huge problems nowadays, which is encouraging people to understand the significance of wellness and good health because healthy lifestyle choices promote healthy aging.

Studies around the world show that the regular consumption of functional foods has a potentially beneficial effect on health.

Apart from being highly nutritive, these foods come with a number of powerful health benefits such as they rule out nutrient deficiencies, may safeguard against disease, building up proper growth, and promoting general well-being.

A healthy eating style doesn’t only mean that we opt for healthy products, instead, we should make our food healthy by adopting the right components.

One of the immortal and unavoidable components of our food is Sugar. There are many myths floating everywhere about sugar being a silent killer but the fact is, that sugar is the primary source of energy and our brain requires sugar to keep functioning. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars one should eat in a day are 25g and 37.5g for women and men respectively. So instead of avoiding sugar, we have to opt for the right sugar which has functional benefits.

Yes, you read right, FUNCTIONAL SUGAR -A sugar that can sweeten your dish without harming your health, Rare Sugar.

Meld RSS - A functional Food

Meld RSS, Sugar syrup containing Rare Sugar (monosaccharides available in very small amounts in nature) is becoming popular because of its functional benefits. Out of fifty varieties of rare sugars, D-allulose and D-allose are showing promising health results.

Meld Rare Sugar syrup is a blessing for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Rare Sugar — Allulose is emerging as the best substitute for sugar as it has 80% sweetness of sugar but is virtually calorie-free. The latest data from the FDA suggests that Allulose is different from other sugars and is not metabolized by the human body in the same way as table sugar. It has a very negligible effect on blood glucose or insulin levels. Studies show besides having a low glycemic index, Allulose in fact decelerates the digestion of other high-GI carbohydrates which helps in avoiding sugar spikes.

Meld Rare Sugar Syrup is also an ideal choice for obese individuals as it promotes GLP 1 - A hormone to provide a Satiety effect, which gives you a feeling of being fuller for a longer period of time and helps control overeating. This eventually helps in weight management.

Being Sugar with Low Glycaemic Index, Meld Rare Sugar Sweet is the best sugar substitute for health-conscious people with no added chemicals and is suitable for all age groups.

The attractive part of this Sugar is that it can be used at all temperatures in all types of preparations starting from beverages and pastries to main-course to side dishes and entrees such as salad dressing. It has no after-taste, besides Meld Rare Sugar Sweet improves the Taste and texture of the dish getting ready.

Bottom Line

Whether you are 18 or 80, wellness is important.

So, Improve your quality of life with functional Sugar — Meld Rare Sugar Syrup and achieve your wellness goals.

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