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Meld Healthcare Products works towards its mission to help people live healthy and productive lives by offering them an array of wellness products in the areas of diabetes, cardiology, neurology and dermatology.

When choosing any wellness product, we focus on three points that are extremely vital – 100% NATURAL, PATENTED and CLINICALLY PROVEN.

We work with our Japanese partners to ensure that we offer our consumers the best products. We at Meld understand that the changing lifestyle and daily struggles of routine are pushing people to understand the significance of wellness and good health and quality lifestyle. These changes have pushed people to look at holistic health as a path. Meld works towards bringing products that help consumers feel nourished and nurtured apart from soothing their daily struggles.

Our Products

Our Products Make Wellness Always

Control Blood Sugar Level

Helps in Control Blood Sugar Level

Meld Healthcare's product helps manage sugar spikes when consumed as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Control Blood Sugar Level

Better Weight Management

Build more lean muscle. Maintain, or even increase, your metabolism by continuing to build lean muscle. Fight off hunger with more filling foods.

Control Blood Sugar Level

Lower Lipid Levels

Meld Health products change your diet which can reduce cholesterol and improve your heart health as it helps to reduce saturated fats.

Control Blood Sugar Level

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Meld Health products improve lipids levels and reduce your risk of heart disease for diabetes patients.

Control Blood Sugar Level

How To Prevent Diabetes

Meld Health Products help reduce the risk of diabetes and prediabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Control Blood Sugar Level

Keep Metabolic Syndrome at Bay

Meld Health products control blood pressure, lower abdominal obesity and maintain high blood sugar levels.

Health Benefits

Rare Sugar Syrup

Rare sugar is a rarely occurring monosaccharide (the simplest form of sugar) in the natural world. With scientific proof that they help control and moderate body sugar absorption and have several benefits including aiding weight loss.

  • A healthy sugar alternative for your daily needs.
  • A patented product developed by Matsutani chemicals.
  • No side effect functional sugar substitute from japan.
  • Reduces absorption of sugar in the body through the bloodstream.
  • Has no after taste compared to stevia or aspartame.
  • A Balanced, Functional and wholistic Sugar.

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